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Common Summer Plumbing Problems in Springfield, VA

Summer is here, and the way your plumbing is used may cause plumbing problems. With everyone home from school, different types of meals are cooked, more showers are taken, and your home’s plumbing system can get a workout. This will sometimes cause problems that need to be seen to by a professional. The following are a few common summer plumbing problems to look out for in your Springfield home. If you see any of these issues, it’s time to schedule an appointment for plumbing repairs!.

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Maintain Your Toilets

Water is expensive, and a running toilet not only jack up your water bill, it can overflow, causing damage to the flooring around the toilet. Extra use can also cause clogs, which can cause the toilet to back up and overflow. Repairing or replacing older toilets with newer water-saving units can save enough money on the cost of water to pay for their replacement. Plumbing repairs in Springfield may be all that you need to stop a toilet from running continuously or to fix a clogged line.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems need to be maintained properly in order to work efficiently. You should have your system inspected annually, especially right before summer to be sure that it is working properly. A sudden rise in a summer water bill may indicate a leak in your sprinkler or water system.

Leaking Water/Sewer Pipes

Besides a higher than average water bill, there are other indicators of leaking water and sewer pipes. A spot in the yard that is wetter than usual may indicate a leaky sewer or water pipe that indicate you may need plumbing repairs in Springfield. Left unattended, these issues can become more costly than if they are attended to as soon as you find them.

Don’t Stuff the Disposal

Cookouts, along with the kids being home can put extra strain on your garbage disposal during the months of summer. You should be careful in what you put down your disposal because a clog or jam may require plumbing repairs in Springfield. Some items need to go in the garbage, such as watermelon rinds, cantaloupe rinds, and corn cobs. You may have a disposal that can handle grinding items such as these but your sewer lines may become clogged if you try to force too much down the garbage disposal.

Watch the Washer

Like everything else in your home, the washer will get more use during the summer months. Long hot days require more changes of clothes as do summer activities. Make sure that your washing machine is draining properly, and add an overflow pan if you don’t have one, to prevent a clogged washer from dumping its contents on the floor of your home.

Plumbing Problems in Springfield

You can prevent many common summer plumbing problems but in the event, you have an unforeseen problem, call a professional like HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited. It’s our job to find the answer to your plumbing problems in Springfield.

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