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Choosing the Best Heating Company in Fairfax County

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Every heating company in Fairfax (and Northern Virginia in general) wants your attention, and we all work pretty hard to make the business appear appealing, flashy and desirable. So how do you cut down to the nitty gritty? How do you know how to choose a business that has your needs in mind, and one that will deliver the quality they promise?

Choosing the right heating company can seem like a bit of a slog, but our professionals are here today to cut through the words and show you the best way to identify the right heating company for you.

Choosing the Best Fairfax Heating Company: Cutting Through the Glitter

Websites, ads, yellow pages; companies have a lot of opportunities to carry a voice on the market today. So how do you know who’s claims stack up to reality?

  • Reviews, testimonials and word of mouth. The absolute, hands down, number one way of understanding how a company operates behind the scenes is what consumers have taken the time to say about the company. Companies can’t hide from the consumers who have hired them, and word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement in our modern market.If a company is particularly confident, they may very well display their consumer reviews with pride (we do!).
  • Credentials. A company that operates without insured work, and lacks the proper certifications to do heating work should not be doing heating work. Certifications aren’t just a fancy piece of paper. They’re a way for the consumer to know that the heating company in question possesses the training and knowledge to do the work right.
  • Guarantees. Always, always look for a guarantee. Read the fine print on it, understand it, and determine if it’s just a buzzword the company is using, or if it is a legitimate seal of satisfaction guaranteed to the consumer.

Heating Company Interview: Do’s and Don’ts

So, you’ve picked a possible heating contactor and you now have an appointment. What to do now?

  • Do find out whether the company encourages the continued training of their professionals. Many heating companies out there still operate with 20 year-old equipment and outdated techniques. You don’t want this!
  • Do take your time. Evaluate your options, do some homework, and be sure you’re happy with your choice!
  • Do not choose a contractor that avoids your questions, or doesn’t ask any of his/her own. Contractors that encourage and ask questions are actually interested in meeting your needs.
  • Do not choose a company that makes no effort to help you understand every aspect of the job. Understanding what you’re getting into and why crystal clear is very important.

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