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Do Closed Doors Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs?

One of your biggest goals as a homeowner is to keep costs at a minimum when possible. And when you’re talking HVAC, that can present a bit of a challenge. Heating and cooling typically make up nearly half of the energy use in any home, so optimizing efficiency and reducing cost is a primary goal. But while many of the common methods for accomplishing this work, there are a few that stand out as wives tales. Some of them even detrimental rather than beneficial!

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Can Closing Doors Save on Heating & Cooling?

In a word, no. In two words, absolutely not. It makes sense from a practical standpoint, of course. Closed doors mean trapped air, and hopefully, trapped conditioned air. But in actual practice, this hurts a bunch, and doesn’t really help at all. Why? Well, there are two big reasons…

Air Flow & Pressure—Why These Make Closed Doors Bad

In the end, it’s all about how your system was designed to operate. No matter what you do, your furnace or air conditioner is designed to move a specific amount of air through your home, and it is going to do that, closed doors or not. In this instance, the closed doors create a restriction on where that air can move, creating a pressure that will alleviate itself by your home leaking air out and in both. This means that instead of exchanging heat or cooling in the home, you’re now exchanging it out of the home.

So when you close doors, you’re essentially making your home’s “envelope” unsecure, which will begin leaking conditioned air out, and letting outside air in. And even this will not really give your HVAC system the air flow it needs, which can in turn lead to complications, and potentially even breakdowns. In fact, a breakdown is only one of the potential results of trying to keep doors closed. You can actually run into a wide array of issues, including:

  • Increased utility costs. This one’s a given knowing what you do now. By fudging the air pressure and flow your system was built to accommodate (which is why proper size is so important) you’ll actually make your costs increase, and considerably so.
  • Risks of a breakdown. Bad air flow is one of the leading causes for furnace and heat  pump repair our experts handle on a routine basis.
  • A less comfortable home. By pressurizing your home in this way, you’re letting outdoor air in, and conditioned air out. This, of course, is going to make it harder to keep comfy, no matter the season.
  • A shortened HVAC lifespan. Closed doors just make your system work a lot harder than it needs to, which in turn is going to make it wear out a lot faster. Your HVAC system is a considerable investment, so do what you can to protect it!

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