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How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Working Too Hard

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Its summertime again, which means a lot of people are turning on their central AC or window conditioners. Some of you might be lucky, the AC might run really well, its nice and cool in the house, and everything seems fine. However, for some of you, your AC might start making weird noises, not be blowing out air like it used to – or worse, be blowing out hot air! So how do you tell if your AC is working too hard?

Foolproof Ways to Tell If Your AC Is Working Too Hard

Your Unit Is More than 10 Years Old

Whether it’s a window AC or you actually had someone come in to do an air conditioning installation, it’s important that you keep track of how long ago it was installed. Every single AC in terms of central air will have an ID on it, a name and a sticker which will tell you how old the unit is as well as the last time it was maintained. If you can’t find it on the inside of the house and have your  fan unit outside, simply look on the back and see what it says.

Higher Energy Bills

One of the best ways to tell if your AC is working too hard is to pay attention to your energy bills after having the air conditioning installation done. If you notice a higher increase in your energy bills you might have an issue with an older system, it might need to be maintained, or you might need a newer air conditioning installation to be done. It actually might be in your benefit to get a new AC unit put in.

The AC Fans Aren’t Working

After having your air conditioning installation done your installer should tell you to check the fans outside of your home every so often. Some people are under the assumption that an AC unit just magically bursts out cold air into your home. When in all actuality the system also traps the hot air in the house and pushes it outside – if you go outside and up to your fans on the side of your house, the “air” coming from the fans should be hot or warm.

Too Many Breakdowns

This is sort of obvious, but if your AC unit keeps breaking down or needs a lot of repairs, it might be because its working too hard. Its like a car engine. You put too much stress on it and eventually it will break down or something on it will not work incorrectly. Your AC unit works the same way. If it’s working too hard it will eventually break down and you will need repairs.

Many of the issues that deal with an air conditioning installation, including working too hard or not blowing out enough cold air into your house, can be fixed by simply keeping it maintained once a year AND getting it inspected and upgrade when necessary.

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