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What Does Attic Insulation Have to Do with My Energy Bills?

Would it surprise you if we said up to nearly 50 percent of your heating and cooling bill is related to how well-insulated your attic is? Because according to the US Department of Energy, that is exactly the case. When a homeowner considers renovation and home improvement, oftentimes the attic is left untouched and unconsidered, but it is hands-down one of the most crucial parts of an energy-efficient home. Consider these points when checking to see if it’s time for an update to your attic’s insulation.

What to Look For in Your Attic Ventilation

Areas of Ventilation

Primarily important for the purposes of cooling, ventilation areas can sometimes be blocked by various forms of debris, whether through shoddy insulation work in the past or simply due to wear, tear, and time. These vents play an important role in maintaining proper air flow, and blocking them can create ‘pockets’ of heated air that will eventually flow into your home, making it harder to keep your space cool.

Rotted or Aged Insulation

In older homes, the insulation can accrue damage from water, especially if your roof is or ever was sub-par. This old, ratty insulation is no longer effective, and can be responsible for temperature leakage that will leave your home on the wrong side of the weather.

Insulation Coverage

If there is no insulation in your floor (the easiest way to get some added temperature protection), it may be time to get that checked out. Also, checking to ensure the spaces between slats is fully insulated can be huge, and is surprisingly often overlooked for various reasons.

Fire Hazards

Hanging, loose, and aged insulation can find its way around your light fixtures, trapping heat and creating a very real fire hazard. Always be wary of this when checking your attic.

Why We Care About Attic Insulation

Proper insulation reduces the heat exchange between your home and the outside, keeping your warm house warmer, and your cool house cooler. Think of your home like an egg, with the whites of the egg being your temperature control and the shell being proper insulation. With the proper insulation intact, you keep the egg whites in!

So why do we care? In a word, savings. Optimal insulation translates directly into better energy efficiency in your home by making your heating and cooling systems work less, and thus also keeps your home more comfortable and less prone to radical changes in temperature.

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