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Air Conditioning Installation in Alexandria, VA

Need an air conditioning installation in Alexandria, VA? Choose an air conditioning installer who has a reputation of expert installs, impeccable customer satisfaction, and a history with the Alexandria community. Who matches all those? HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited!  The professionals at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited are ready and equipped to deal with any situation that may arise with your air conditioning system, including a full consultation, 24 hour emergency installation and a full list of top of the line technological upgrades!

We offer:

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You Are Likely in Need of  an Air Conditioning Replacement in Alexandria If:

  • You are experiencing frequent cut-offs or breakdowns
  • You have excessive monthly utility costs
  • You hear chugging or other excessive sound when unit is in operation
  • Your unit is unresponsive to thermostat changes
  • Your current unit has a rating of under 13 SEER
  • Your AC unit is more than 15-16 years old

Our experts, built on years of top-class experience and training, are equipped and ready to handle any and all problems you may be experiencing with your HVAC system. Regardless of type, model and fashion, the technicians at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited are there for you! Contact us today for a consultation!

Central AC Installation

Central air conditioning units are great for the Alexandria area. They offer a combo of controlled air and comfort you’ve come to expect from a full-home unit. HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited offers full service and installation of these units, and we’re ready and available at your beck and call.

If you’re concerned about the time it takes for an installation, don’t worry! With our equipment, expertise and knowledge, installing your central unit can be completed in mere days, providing your home with an unparalleled temperature-controlled environment.

Ductless AC Installation

Installing ductless, or “Mini-Split” units is an exceptional alternative to the clunky, loud window units of days gone by. A great option for those who prefer to cool only certain areas of the home, ductless units are set up in a single room and given an independent and responsive thermostat.

Advantages of Ductless Units:          

  • Constant and consistent temperature control with none of the cycling of archaic window systems
  • Sleek and discreet design, omitting the need to move the unit around or store it in off seasons.
  • Easy and fast installation

HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited is proud to offer our ductless installation services, providing your home with a cool alternative if you’re looking to avoid (or augment) the use of central air.

What Type of Air Conditioner Is Best For Your Alexandria Home?

Our climate in Northern Virginia is pretty moderate, which means that choosing the unit that is right for your home is largely based on personal needs and comfort. However, there are some circumstances to keep in mind when choosing what type of installation service is best.

Homes Suited For Central AC:

  • Larger, or multiple story homes typically benefit from a central unit provided both or all floors are in frequent use
  • Homes with many occupants likely need central air to adequately control the temperature
  • Homes that already have an existing ductwork system

Homes Suited For Ductless AC:

  • Smaller homes, trailers and apartments can make great use of ductless units
  • A homeowner looking to supplement existing units, or who prefers one particular room be controlled more effectively
  • Homeowners looking to replace dinosaur window units
  • Homes and additions that do not already have ductwork

HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited: Alexandria’s Favorite Air Conditioner Installers

Regardless of what kind of air conditioning unit you choose, HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited is ready to provide. Our team is ready and waiting, glad to assist you with all of your air conditioning needs. Contact us today about a full consultation and help us start helping you!

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